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Starting from the power of basic concentration to the power
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MensagemEnviada: 06 Nov 2019 04:25:43    Assunto:  Starting from the power of basic concentration to the power
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Starting from the power of basic concentration to the power of your will power in improving yourself.

This echoes with truth as can be seen right from the power of concentration
, to usage of willpower for self development, bearing intense pain by mind focus elsewhere to even moving physical articles with the power of thought. The power of the human mind can be utilized to influence matter according to one’s desires.

Psychokinesis is a term which is very closely associated with the phrase ‘mind over matter’. Infact this phrase can be said to be the word meaning for the term in its extreme. Thus, if you can move a chair or a table by the sheer power of your thoughts or mind
, then you can be termed a psychokinetic.

The word psychokinesis is often used synonymously with that of Telekinesis especially in case of movies and informal discussions on such topics. The latter word was originated to denote the physical movements of objects due to spirits and ghosts. Later on, during the 19th century, when a lot if studies were undertaken and the involvement of human mind in this phenomenon were realized
, ‘psychokinesis’ term was coined.

Mind over matter phenomena can be measured and categorized on that basis into two categories. Micro-psychokinesis is when the movement is too small to perceive via naked eyes and scientific instruments needs to be used while Macro- psychokinesis is when large movements take place.

Apart from the paranormal aspect of mind over matter, this concept also has its share of significance in philosophical or spiritual doctrines concerned with personal growth. In this regard, mention may be made of the topic of responsibility assumption where it is entirely focused around the issue of mind over matter.

According to the responsibility assumption
, the sole responsibility of your future and what you make of your life lies on you. It prophesizes the concept that your future is a product of your thoughts and the onus or responsibility of your destiny or fate is only on you.

Apart from this, other new age spirituality concepts like mental affirmations and law of attraction all talk about the mind as the essence of everything in life.

The core essence of the Law of attraction is that if you have an object of desire in mind and you fiercely concentrate on the same focusing all your attention on it, visualizing yourself attaining the desire and repeatedly telling yourself that the object of desire is coming your way
, then it gets attracted from the infinite universe in reality and manifests in your life.

Innumerable claimants to psychokinetic abilities exist in the world of whom some are worthy of mention.

Martin Caidin, who wrote the novel ‘Cyborg’ in 1972, claimed to be able to move ‘energy wheels’ placed on one or multiple tabletops.

The Israeli Uri Geller was known for his spoon bending abilities while Nina Kulagina
, the Soviet psychic was known for her short films which she made demonstrating her psychokinetic abilities.

Felicia Parise, an American laboratory technician became a celebrity for her psychokinesis powers with which she could move objects like compass needles, plastic pill containers and aluminum foil. First experienced spontaneously she developed her abilities with intense concentration later on becoming inspired by Nina Kulagina’s films.

At the height of her fame
, she also became known as the First American to move Matter with Mind as given in National Enquirer, a tabloid. After reported bodily stress from such performances she quit demonstrating her powers.

Coming to more remote places of the world and talking about the psychokinetic ability existence there that may not be easily researchable by scientific means, mention must be made of Himalayas
, the great mountain range in India which is known as the centre of positive energy and spirituality of the ancient East. Rare individuals, sadhus and monks renounce the whole world and live here in the pursuit of the highest form of self realization.

If you want to witness individuals performing psychokinetic powers openly, then you must visit India to witness the world famous Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela (once a year)
, Ardha Kumbh Mela (Once in 6 years) and Purna Kumbh Mela (Once in 12 years) where the sadhus come down to take a holy dip in the river Ganges.

It can be concluded by saying that human mind is the most powerful force in the universe that can achieve anything. You can use the power of your thoughts to move matter or the power of true belief and concentration for attracting your object of desire into actual manifestation. With proper harnessing of this power you can go on to create, control and change anything and everything in life in order to create your own destiny.

Discover your mind power from the popular http:www.mindpower-info site. Find details of developing the power of the subconscious powers with the power of the subconscious mind FREE DVD Package when you visit here.

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