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Assunto: I hear this all the time I can get you listed
I hear this all the time. "I can get you listed on 100
,000 websites for $29.95" and..."I can get you 100,000 hits on your website for the same price". Avoid these like the plague.

First off you don't need a 100,000 visitors to your site. What you need is 100,000 CUSTOMERS on your site searching for your product or service. Very simply you're not going to find many people doing this for you. DocMurdock? will do this. Our mission is to find people looking for your product or service and bring them to your website so that you can sell them. While we don't guarantee more sales, we'll get you people who want your product to come and look-see. If your sales message is clear
, you'll sell them. We help with this as well.

How do we do this? We evaluate your site for things that pull people in. Things that are magnets for people and attract them to stay on your site vs. things that repel them and send them to your competition. We also scour the web for those people and lead them to your site so they'll buy your product or service.

If you have an auto parts site and people show up looking to buy 're sales will not increase. If you have flowers and they show up to buy 're in the money. This is our objective. More sales for your company. More revenue. This is why we term what we do "Revenue Optimization" not Website Optimization. Kids optimize websites, and there are a lot of kids out there doing it. the hits in the world are not going to increase your revenue, if they're not from people searching for your product.

With us, your hit counter may actually go down. It's not a bad thing, it just means that the people who are actually looking for your product or service are finally coming to your site. Another of our objectives is to increase the stay time of visitors. If they're there for less than a s will dwindle. If we put things in the right places
, give them a call to action, ask them to do something, we keep them there. The longer a potential client is on your site, the more apt they are to purchase something.

Give them a reason to stay there. Offer them something free, ask them to subscribe to a newsletter
, buy something, see something, get something for e are many ways to keep a customer on your site. Use attractive colors. Go out and see what the hottest websites are using for color schemes. Do those fit your business or your brand? Who are you using for branding and marketing? Check out for the best in the business. Howard Lim. Give him a call and tell him I referred you. He's great, and what he will create for you will help your business convey an image of greatness, one that will sell your product quickly.

,000 . There are really only 5 to be concerned with. One of them is listed to the right; GOOGLE the others vary from time to time, but keep in mind MSN, YAHOO, ALEXA, DOGPILE as some primary candidates to submit your site to.

Good luck and may your website rise higher every day.

Michael Murdock

You know the feeling. You close the door behind you and let out a big sigh. It didn't go well. In fact
, it was a disaster.

First dates are stressful even when everything goes right. When you or the other person messes up, a couple hours can seem like an eternity. But after the date is over, what you do next can etch the bad experience into your mind or help you overcome it. Here are some things you can do to recover from a disastrous first date.

1. Forgive yourself.

Most of us, when under stress, do things we wouldn't normally do. If you talked too much--or not enough--if you laughed too much
, if you overreacted to some statement, or if you behaved in a way that was out of character for you, don't beat yourself up. We're often harder on ourselves than we would be on another person. Show some compassion toward yourself. Acknowledge that you did the best you could under the circumstances. Admit that it's natural to feel nervous on a first date. Remember that nobody is perfect, and if you didn't act like you should have, it isn't the end of the world. Be kind to yourself by not falling into the self-punishment trap. It's important to recognize that negative reaction and cut it off as quickly as possible. If you can't seem to be objective about it
, talk it over with a trusted friend.

2. Forgive the other person.

If you're a decent judge of character, you can usually tell when someone was motivated by nervousness or lack of confidence. Just as you shouldn't be too hard on yourself, you shouldn't beat up the other person either. By taking for granted that first dates usually don't go well, you take a big step forward in emotional maturity. Some people approach first dates with the idea that they're something to get over with and put in the past. The anxiety of trying to impress the other person frequently causes something to go wrong. Unless the other person was abusive or rude, they deserve a second chance.

3. Be prepared to move on.

If you did something awkward or that warrants an apology
, sending flowers is a polite thing to do. And yes, men love to receive flowers! But be prepared if the other person doesn't wish to see you again, then don't pester them. Unwanted pursuit of another person is stalking. No matter how much you like the other person or are attracted to them, stop it. You'll only embarrass yourself or get in trouble with the law.

4. Don't let the experience affect your self-confidence.

See yourself as a worthwhile, attractive person. You have many good qualities
, and just because this person didn't recognize them, that doesn't mean there isn't someone else out there who can. If the other person doesn't want to see you again, they represent only their opinion, not everyone's of the opposite sex. A person who believes in himself or herself exudes an attractiveness that can't be faked.

5. Look for the lesson.

You are a work-in-progress. W.

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