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Tips on converting F4V to DVD Computers Articles | August 22
, 2012
F4V is a special FLV file format, which has far better quality under a similar situation. Thereby, lots of people regard this file format as HD FLV. because for this reason, many videos you found on video sharing sites including YouTube are all. f4v files.

If you'd like to view the saved YouTube F4V files on DVD player, then you wish first convert F4V to DVD. This submit will probably share you the way to convert F4V to DVD quite simply and swiftly by using a third-party program.

Leawo F4V to DVD converter is a conversion tool developed for converting F4V to DVD as well as preserving the original video quality. Besides that
, it can certainly allow for you in making DVD menu and also alter the video before the conversion.

Get trial version F4V to DVD converter here and commence the conversion.

1. Run this software and add F4V videos

Simply install and launch the F4V to DVD converter and input the F4V files simply by pressing the add icon. Next you might see a showing list.

2. Edit the video (Optional)

If you wish to alter the video previous to conversion, mouse click ?Edit? button to enter in the video editing panel, where you'll be able to freely personalize F4V file through trimming, cropping, adjusting effect and watermarking.

3. decide DVD menu

Mouse click ?burn? icon to enter in the DVD menu panel
, in which you might find different DVD menus have been pre-installed on this application for you to choose from. you'll be able to decide one you prefer or perhaps tailor-make the DVD menu with your own songs and picture s as the background music and picture.

4. Parameters settings and converting

Next, mouse click ?next? to enter in the parameters settings panel, in which you are allowed to set much more parameters of this conversion including video size, video quality, disc type
, and so forth.

After set the parameters, you wish click ?start? to convert F4V to DVD.

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