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When it comes to purchasing gemstones people are more often interested in color than any other aspect of that crystal. Fact is that people are often not familiar with all the healing properties and benefits that are connected with particular gemstones. Because of that
, girls tend to go for color that they like. Believed it or not, pink crystals are very common choice when it comes to purcahsing colored gemstones.

On the other hand, jewelers know all the benefits that are associated with gemstones and they list gemstones by type, not by the color. This is often reason for confusion and leads to difficult purchasing process. Now
, in order to help all persons that are interested in pink crystals I will list here all of them. Also, I will provide basic information for most common pink gems. I hope that after reading this article you will know and understand more abou gemstones then just looking for pink colored ones.

Most common pink gemstones that are available today:

Quartz Sapphire Mystic Topaz Zircon Pearl Rose Quartz Garnet Tourmaline Coral Opal Spinel Moonstone

There is a chance that I have missed a few but you get the point - many different gemstones may come in this color. Even diamonds come in pink color and they are considered as most expensive diamonds with prices 20 times higher then "regular" diamonds.

Pink Quartz Gemstone

Pink Quartz is Quartz crystal with interesting and intense color. It is often available as transparent or translucent. They are in most cases associated wiht love, calmness and romance. This particular gemstone is really affordable and easy to find. Don't get me wrong, they are not cheap and gems with inclusions that create star effect are pretty valuable.

Star Rose Quartz Crystal

As I mentioned before
, inclusions in Pink Quartz may create star effect. Quartz gemstones with this inclusions are called "Start Rose Quartz". Those gems look astonishing and have four or six ray stars that can be noticed when gems are placed under intense light. Those crystals come in gentle pink color and range from transparent to translucent speciments.

Pink Opal Gems

Pink Opals are considered as rare gemstones but their price is pretty reasonable on todays market. They come just from Andean mountains in Peru. Because of this, they are often called Andean Opal. Pink Opals are found with soft pink hue while gems with deep color are very rare. They are as expected most expensive.

Pink Sapphire

In the past few decaded colored gemstones are more and more popular. Arguably, Pink Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones consdering it as affordable alternative to diamonds. When compared to Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire is rarer. Color of this interesting and highly desirable gem is from bright to pastel pink.

Pink Mystic Topaz

Pink Mystic Topaz is considered as pretty new type of gemstones. They are actually invented in US in 1998 through process of thin filming the base of natural gem with colored film. This way
, Mystic Topaz became available in various colors and pink is one of them. This Topaz stone is treated or "enhanced" gemstone. Since film coating is found only at the bottom of the gemstone, top surface is natural Topaz.

Pink Zircon

Zircon is often used as diamond substitute so people know its name. On the negative side, since it is substitute same people tend to consider this brilliant gemstone as a "fake". It is not, it is really beautiful gemstone that comes in many different colors. This Zircon comes in a range of pink hues
, from light orange to violet. Since this gemstone is briliant and very durable, it is often used for jewelry.

Pink Pearls

Pearls are only gemstones that are formed organically. Most of the Pearls found on the market are cultured on a large scale so thier price is not that high. Pearls come in many different colors like white, gold, silver
, white, black, salmon, peach
, etc. Pink Pearls are interesting gems that girls often pick.

As you can see now, instead of just going to the local jeweler looking for pink crystal you can actually learn more about their healing properties, benefits, their use as birthstones
, meaning and so on. Once you find more information, you can find particular gemstone in color you prefer. Of course, you can just go and get pink one.

Emil Sipos is passionate webmaster and writer with great knowledge about SEO and analytics. His hobbies are both material and spiritual with special interest about Zodiac Signs, Gemstones
, Astrology and Astronomy.

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